About Me

Shaun Coutts 2I am a quantitative ecologist who uses statistical, analytical and simulation models to to address fundamental questions in ecology such as what drives population dynamics and how populations adapt to a changing environment. In addition, I study how far population models for one species or area can be extrapolated to others, and if so, how it should be done. This work encompasses a wide range of topics such as population dynamics, community ecology, dispersal ecology, optimisation and social-economic systems. I also use these approaches look at pressing environmental issues such as invasive species and wildlife harvest.

I am currently a Post-doctoral Research Fellow supervised by Dr Dylan Childs at the Department of Animal and Plant SciencesThe University of Sheffield, where I am modelling the evolution of herbicide resistance in black grass.

My previous Post-doctoral Research positions included being supervised by Professor Yvonne Buckley at Trinity College Dublin and Professor Hugh Possingham at the Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions, University of Queensland.

I received my PhD from the University of Queensland in 2011. For my thesis I worked with Professor Yvonne Buckley to research how populations spread over fragmented landscapes, the reproductive ecology of Pinus nigra and management of invasive species with multiple managers.